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Preparedness Checklist

Healthcare Professional Preparedness Checklist For Transport and Arrival of Patients With Confirmed or Possible COVID-19

Information on this page is taken directly from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, this page might not show the most updated information, we strongly recommend visiting cdc.gov for the most updated information related to covid-19. Click here to visit www.cdc.gov

Front-line healthcare personnel in the United States should be prepared to evaluate patients for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The following checklist highlights key steps for healthcare personnel in preparation for transport and arrival of patients with confirmed or possible COVID-19. Healthcare Personnel Preparedness Checklist for COVID-19
  • Stay up to date on the latest information about signs and symptoms, viral testing, and case definitions for coronavirus disease 2019.
  • Review your infection prevention and control policies and CDC infection control recommendations for COVID-19 for:
    • Assessment and triage of patients with acute respiratory symptoms
    • Patient placement
    • Implementation of Standard, Contact, and Airborne Precautions, including the use of eye protection
    • Visitor management and exclusion
    • Source control measures for patients (e.g., put facemask on suspect patients)
    • Requirements for performing aerosol generating procedures
  • Be alert for patients who meet the persons under investigation (PUI) definition
  • Know how to report a potential COVID-19 case or exposure to facility infection control leads and public health officials
  • Know who, when, and how to seek evaluation by occupational health following an unprotected exposure (i.e., not wearing recommended PPE) to a suspected or confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 patient
  • Remain at home, and notify occupational health services, if you are ill
  • Know how to contact and receive information from your state or local public health agency
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