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Let’s Talk Allied Healthcare Travel

Like travel nurses, allied healthcare travelers have the same opportunities to make higher pay and travel the country. Why not get paid to work in prestigous hospitals where you will advance your skill set, expand your professional network, and make new and lasting friendhsips while helping others along the way.  There are thousands of allied travel opportunities just waiting to be matched with a professional like you!  Different jobs are open at different times, depending on the healthcare facility’s needs.  The more flexible you are, the more opportunities you will have to choose from, and for the first time in your allied healthcare career you will have the flexibility to choose where and when you want to go. 

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Getting Started – Just the Basics

You will need a license or certification to practice where you’ll be working.  Although each healthcare facility sets their own standards, in general for alllied healthcare travel you are required to have two years working experience in your profession, and have worked in that profession within the last year prior to starting a travel assignment.  For Premier to create your travel profile and start you on your way, we will also need recent professional references, a completed resume online including work history and a skills checklist.  That’s about it!

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“Working with Premier has been a great experience. I love the fact that they can guarantee you a job; they work with a lot of big-name hospitals and are very flexible. The advance payment option is a plus, and everyone here is very friendly.”
Tearra Richardson

Let's Talk Travel Nursing

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