A message to our staff regarding coronavirus (COVID-19)

We understand there is a great deal of concerns, uncertainty, and anxiety within our community regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). As COVID-19 continues to be an extremely dynamic event, Premier Nursing Services is actively monitoring the situation to minimize the impact on Premier Nursing Services employees, nurses, clients, and local communities. Currently, Premier Nursing Services has not experienced significant disruptions of essential business operations.

Premier Nursing Services Crisis Management Team (CMT) has implemented a Crisis Management Plan to guide operations for our local office network, with policies and protocols to respond to COVID-19. Our CMT is taking appropriate steps to ensure resources are in place to support our critical business process so we can continue supporting you during these challenging times.

We want to assure you Premier Nursing Services that the health and safety of our employees and patients are put top priority. With that in mind, we are taking additional steps to be extra vigilant regarding COVID-19.

We are urging our team, nurses, and families to follow all CDC and WHO recommendations provided. With our team, we continue to reinforce the importance of cleaning, sanitizing, and washing hands. We are constantly disinfecting our office areas with a hospital-grade solution. Also, we are sanitizing clipboard, pens, doorknobs, sinks, and toilet handles.

To reduce socialization and comply with the recommended 6 feet distance to keep from each other, Premier will continue to operate business as usual however we will be closing our doors to anyone that is not an office employee. We are still here to assist you, however ask that you call ahead if you need anything from the office staff.

As the situation is evolving, please refer to the following resources for the latest updates: * US: ttps://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.htmlh

Please call us for more information at (800) 225-1992 or email us at info@premiernursing.com

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