Full Time Nursing Jobs

Our Mission

We are a committed team of professionals dedicated to providing our hospital clients with Premier experience. We provide the highest quality nurses and meet all JCAHO and OSHA requirements as well as our hospital clients’ standards. We strive to be the first choice for quality nursing services in our particular market.

We respect, balance and fulfill the needs of our customers, our employees, our suppliers, and our investors. We are committed to earning and maintaining their loyalty. We greatly value the trust and confidence of our client hospitals and fellow employees. Therefore, we aspire to conduct our business relationships by the following principles.

Customer Focus

We never fail to remember that the customer is the reason we are in business.


We conduct our business within an ethical framework of honesty and fairness.


We are committed to delivering the finest quality services, and can be relied upon for our knowledge, accuracy, consistency, efficiency, and responsibility.


We believe in teamwork and communication to achieve our common goal. We work to resolve differences in a positive, appropriate and forthright manner. We foster an environment where employees are challenged, fulfilled, rewarded and recognized.


We will treat our customers and fellow employees with dignity, courtesy and respect, considering their needs first. Our conduct will be marked by humility, always reflecting appreciation for our success.


We are committed to personal and professional growth, and to constantly building and improving our business.


We strive to be the industry leader in our field. We are optimistic, proactive, and receptive to change, and realize the importance of listening to our customers in defining our leadership position.