"I appreciate the freedom and respect I enjoy working for Premier Nursing Services. As a mother of three (3) children and a wife of a General Contractor whose schedule varies week to week, having the freedom to make my schedule freely and sensing appreciation, respect and courtesy with my weekly availability schedule (which I call in without any guilt) makes for a happy RN. If any questions arise or problems, I just call and things are easily resolved. I sense respect, professionalism and great consideration as a co-laborer of Premier Nursing agency. I recommend it and I am grateful for how smooth things go for me in my experience with Premier Nursing Agency."

S. Norling

"I have worked NICU for Premier and enjoyed the variety of hospitals I have been sent to by Premier. The staff has all been supportive and helpful when I have had interaction with them. I have enjoyed working for Premier the past 11 years."

H. Bennett

"The staffs of Premier Nursing are helpful and flexible with trying to find RN NICU assignments for us. They are a busy agency and try to be helpful. It is a pleasure to work at Premier, as it been given me the flexibility I needed over the past few years"

M. Gustavson

"I get the work when I want it. Pay is always on time. Staff is always kind, professional and flexible. "

A. Panozzo

"I’ve been getting my shifts. My checks have been exceptionally well as far as getting paid on time."

D. Ty

"I enjoyed working at Premier Nursing Services friendly staff especially Adam and Kareem. I’ve been with them for over 7 years and planning to stay for 20 more. I love you guys. You’re the best!"

S. Gabayeron

"Since I’ve been with this Company, they have come thru when I needed them the most."

S. Carter

"I’ve been with the Company for a while now. Work has been great. They have many hospitals to choose from. I quit my regular job and since then I enjoy being able to make my own schedule and Premier gets me work whenever I need to work."

L Davis

"I have worked for Premier Nursing Service since 1994 and have tried other registries throughout the years. Premier, by far, has given me the desire to stay by their considerate and caring staffers that are diligent at their job, have work for you every time you request to work and you receive your pay on a daily or weekly basis without the worry of if you are paid correctly. They treat like family, not like a stranger. Thank you to all of you at Premier Nursing Services."

T. Veneeer